‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, its about the stories you tell’.  Seth Godin

Image Marketing

Marketing in 2015/2016 is about Education & Storytelling.  About creating a story about your brand that people will want to connect and interact with, not just selling to them, which results in potential customers turning away.   About giving them information to help build into their need for your product or service.

One of the best ways to share tips, or tell a story about your brand is to get creative and communicate through the power of good quality images and short videos.   Afterall an image can speak 1000 words, its a more creative way to get short bits of inspiration or information across in the quickest possible time.  Images and videos have higher interaction rates to normal text posts.




Shareable images are created for your business with your png (no background) logo and the quote or info you choose.  You can provide the photos or if you don’t have any we can source some that suit your business.   These can be used on Facebook & Instagram.

Image Design only (IDO)

You provide the images, fonts , logo & text and we turn this into shareable images for you.

5 shareable images created for your Business   $35.00
10 shareable images created for your Business   $50.00
20 shareable images created for your Business    $80.00

 Project Shareable Package (Project SP)

Launching a new project, course, book or campaign and want a bunch of branded images that fit in with what you are doing, to help you market?  Fully branded and ready to go?

Simply provide me with a copy of your Book, or details of your project and we can create 20 images for you that you can use to continue to market effectively!   Images are based on your branding, style, picking tid bits from your book etc, and focusing in on other things that may also help you promote.  You can send through a list of things you want covered off, or just leave it up to us!  This service provides you with the images only.  No other marketing is included but we use our ideas and experience of how WE would market your book, product or service.

These are created specifically to help you market your latest offerings and can have bitly or website links on the bottom for immediate call to action.  $189.00

Positive Business

Re-brand Package

We’ve recently done a re-brand and refreshed every aspect of the Market Me Marketing presence online.  Want to creatively incorporate images and text?  Our re-brand package works with your new logo and branding (or if you need that done for you, drop over to Creatistic, they were the brains behind my new logo!), to set up and refresh your presence online.  We simply create the images in a way that is eye-catching and professional, and load everything in for you so it looks amazing!

Re-brand Digital Refresh Package $299.00 (using supplied images, font and logo).  Includes designing your base images for Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Youtube, Eventbrite and more!   Package includes images for 6 platforms.

For more ideas on using images to help market your brand, check out our recent article on our Re-brand and how we rolled it out!

Brand reno

All photos, logo’s, briefs or anything that might help us create the best images for you can be sent through to admin@marketmemarketing.com.

Once your order has been placed, please allow 5 working days for your images to be created and delivered to you!