Storytelling is a buzzword we hear every day but what does it mean for a Business?

This is a huge shift in how we market.  It’s engaging wording and presentation that gets at the heart of customer, that connects with them, that shares information in a way that is interesting.  It’s about Telling a story, investing emotionally in your customer, and letting them make their choice about whether they continue to interact with your brand or not.

With the age of Content Marketing firmly upon us “brand storytelling” is a buzzword that sits at the heart of any brand strategy.

The first place to start Storytelling your Brand, is in the wording on your website.  The About page has to be the most under-utilised page on a website.  Storytelling a Brand can be utilised in other ways too.  We’ve teamed up with Tina from Picture Story in the Adelaide Hills who is now offering her ‘Storytelling’  Services to Business owners who want to:

  • Have an engaging About Us page
  • Outline the History, Journey, or Business Company Growth (eg Wineries – passed down through generations)
  • Write a short History for a Corporate Memorable Gift Book
  • Write a story to go with a certain range of products or services.
  • Overview of Professional Experience

For more information, CLICK HERE.